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Soul Cycles is an international, experience-oriented learning community. Soul Cycles serves to bring Soul back into personal, family and professional life within the global environment.
We invite participants from different cultures and professions to co-create a rich synergy of impulses and experiences. Soul Cycles provides a unique learning opportunity as a professional enrichment program for teachers, therapists and other professionals, while serving as a personal exploration for all those interested in psychological growth and transformation.
Why Soul?
Why Cycles?
Why 4 Years?

The latest findings from neuroscience and depth psychology lay the groundwork to understand the basic development of the human psyche. Sacred psychology and myth serve to relate our individual world to the greater archetypal and collective realm. Working through expression in music, art and dance recreates a continual flow of energy, the dynamic flow of spirit that enlivens the Soul.

Our Soul is the deepest and most refined component to interconnect and participate in the mystery of life. Soul builds bridges between every day living and the depth of our inner world. The aim of Soul Cycles is to respect each individual’s Soul expression in its unique unfolding beauty.

Soul Cycles is designed for people who long for a shift toward more depth, intensity and truth in the inner and outer life.

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