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During our life journey we move repeatedly
through different Cycles. By doing so, we reweave
Soul and create the Self.

5 Cycles

The Soul Cycle formation consists of five parts or five Cycles, following human development: the foundation (pre-personal phase), the discovery (personal phase), the transition (transitional phase) and the transcendence (trans-personal phase). The fifth cycle unfolds in its own time and space: simply by participating and integrating the experience and teachings of the first four Cycles (the four year curriculum), the participant will recover individual Soul essence, inner wisdom - the true Self.

Cycle One – The Cradle
During this Cycle we start to understand in a new way what is happening in our daily life. We learn about the development of the human brain and the psyche, increasing our knowledge about the creation of life patterns... more >


Cycle Two – The Hero
During this Cycle we explore the necessary friction (tension) between dualities (opposing poles). We learn about the variety of life Cycles and how individuality is build. By getting into contact with the hidden (lighter and darker) shadowy aspects of our Soul, we tap into our hidden potential as well... more >


Cycle Three – The Grail
This Cycle is about managing and moving through major transitions in life, such as breakdown, illness, crisis, death, bankruptcy, marriage, birth and so forth. Soul transitions relate our pre-personal and individual trauma to our greater gift for the collective (our greater place in this world)... more >


Cycle Four – The Daimon
During this Cycle we recover the way our personal Daimon expresses itself. We correlate our individual Soul back to the World Soul. Every individual Soul Cycle reveals the gift of being in service to the collective Soul. We express our personal myth and become aware of the family myth... more >


Cycle Five – Soul Weaving
Cycle five, the “Soul weaving”, is activated throughout the experiences and learning during four years. The participant discovers individual essence, inner wisdom; true Soul... more >

Soul Cycles is English speaking (school English is good enough).
In some cases translation may be available.

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