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In an attuned community great physical, emotional, mental,
and spiritual resources are tapped and manifold possibilities
are amplified.

In late spring, summer and autumn Soul Cycles presents an experiential afternoon in different countries: Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, England and other countries.
For details of date and place see Dates.

Soul Cycles offers a regional modular formation, so groups can work in their own language and in their own country. 10 Modules (each of 4 days) will cover the first 2 Cycles of the core formation. After having attended either 5 or 10 Modules, the participant has the possibility to enter the residentials in France.

Group Dynamics
For any kind professional groups, private communities, families or couples who may be in transition (which means either falling apart or being stuck) we offer a customized weekend series. This course is made up of several weekends, during which the members of the particular group come together to explore alternative ways of dealing with transition. This new experience of problem-solving, in all size groups can be applied to any present day major transitions. We build a vessel that all at once holds the integrity of each individual Soul and honours the integrity and diversity of the group Soul.
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